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Cleanroom Sticky Floor Mat

Cleanroom Sticky Floor Mat
  • Cleanroom Sticky Floor Mat
  • Cleanroom Sticky Floor Mat


Digital numbering makes it easy to track usage
Easy to peel off between each layer
Not easy to transfer adhesive
Various colors and sizes are available
Film Material: Low density polyethylene
Adhesive Material: Water-based acrylic
Tackiness: Low, Medium, High, Super high 

Product Parameter

Manufacturing process

  • 1993
    Found In
  • 200+
  • 300+
  • 50000+
    Square Metre
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How do you install and maintain cleanroom sticky floor mats effectively?
Installing and maintaining cleanroom sticky floor mats effectively is crucial to ensure they perform their contamination control functions. Here's a step-by-step guide:
Choose the Right Location: Select the appropriate entry and exit points where the sticky mats will be placed. These should ideally be the main entrances to the cleanroom.
Prepare the Surface: Ensure that the floor where you plan to place the mats is clean, dry, and free of any dust or debris. Clean the floor if necessary.
Secure the Mat: Most sticky mats come with an adhesive backing or tabs. Remove the protective film from the adhesive and firmly press the mat onto the clean floor surface. Ensure it lies flat and does not have any wrinkles or bubbles.
Use Multiple Mats: Depending on the size of the entrance and the level of contamination control required, you may need multiple mats in a series. Ensure they are aligned and securely placed next to each other.
Provide Clear Instructions: Place clear signage or labels near the mats to instruct personnel on the proper procedure for stepping on them. Usually, users should step onto the mat, walk a few steps to transfer contamination, and then step off.
Regular Inspection: Periodically inspect the mats for wear, damage, or contamination buildup. Replace any damaged or heavily soiled mats immediately.
Cleaning: If you notice visible dirt or contamination on the surface of the mat, clean it gently with a clean, lint-free cloth or sponge. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents that can damage the mat's adhesive properties.
Replace When Necessary: Sticky mats have a limited lifespan. Replace them according to the manufacturer's recommendations or when they lose their stickiness or become visibly dirty and less effective.
Keep the Surrounding Area Clean: Maintain cleanliness in the area around the mats to minimize the risk of transferring contamination onto the mats. Regularly sweep or mop the floor to prevent loose particles from being tracked onto the mats.
Document and Train: Keep records of mat installation and replacement dates. Ensure that personnel are trained on the importance of using the mats correctly and understand their role in contamination control.
Consider Air Showers: In some high-contamination areas, air showers may be used in conjunction with sticky mats to remove contaminants from personnel before they enter the cleanroom. Ensure the air shower is properly maintained and functioning.
Follow Cleanroom Procedures: Sticky mats are just one part of a larger contamination control strategy. Make sure to follow all cleanroom procedures and protocols to maintain a clean and controlled environment effectively.
By installing cleanroom sticky floor mats correctly and maintaining them diligently, you can help ensure that your cleanroom remains as contaminant-free as possible.